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Startup Financial Reporting, KPI Metrics & Investor Relations
Seederboard is a communications platform which helps companies in funding stages between seed and IPO.


Startup Reporting made easy: manage, report or share financial information and key metrics with your board and other investors. Measure actionable startup metrics and analytics to run a lean startup. Seederboard lets you spend more time building your business instead of reporting to investors.

SeederBoard delivers startup dashboards, helping early stage companies manage their progress and report to investors (angels or VCs). By understanding your own metrics and key performance indicators, you’ll likely be better prepared for facing the struggles of any startup business. Additionally, if investors get the information they need to manage their portfolio, your startup can get back to building the products you are passionate about.

You’ll also know that if you need to go back to your investors later on, they will be much more likely to re-invest if they feel you are a good communicator and they can see your track record over time.


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