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نام AYTM
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وب‌سایت http://aytm.com
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Ask Your Target Market.
AYTM is a DIY survey platform with a built-in consumer panel bringing the power of consumer insights to everyone.


AYTM.com (Ask Your Target Market) is the leading innovator in online market research. Define your exact target audience by drilling-down into a panel of over 25 million consumers in 23 countries, and find your ideal research respondents based upon their psychographic and demographic characteristics. Then, write a survey using up to 16 types of questions including advanced research tests, and incorporate skip logic, images, and video. Launch your survey and see results streaming back immediately. Use AYTM’s powerful, easy-to-learn analytic tools to help you understand your data in ways that deliver the greatest insights. AYTM has meticulously created the best user experience for researchers and survey takers alike. Get responses starting at $0.95 per complete, or send your survey to your own list free of charge and with no limitations.


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