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Ship better code, faster.
CircleCI is simple, powerful Continuous Integration and Deployment for developers.


CircleCi makes it incredibly easy for developers to set up Continuous Integration and Deployment in minutes, improving the productivity of companies like Stripe and Zencoder by 90%. Developers connect their Github account, and CircleCI automatically sets up their tests. CircleCI supports Ruby, Python, Node, Java, PHP, and more, and are connected to MySQL, Mongo, Postgres, Cassandra, Riak, etc. Tests are run on a managed platform tuned for speed, can test many code pushes concurrently, and they split large test suites to run them in a fraction of the time, all automatically. CircleCI was founded in 2011 with the mission of giving every developer state of the art automated testing and continuous integration tools.


کاربر مهمان
کاربر مهمان
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کاربر مهمان
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