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One home for all your apps
Assemble your stack from dozens of pre-configured components. dotCloud deploys and scales it for you.


The dotCloud Platform is a service provided by cloudControl, Inc. The Platform launched in 2011 as the industry’s first multi-language Platform as a Service. The Platform simplifies application development by allowing programmers to focus just on the code for their service while the Platform handles code building, scaling, deployment and load-balancing. How dotCloud works:

1. Configure your stack
Don’t waste time with servers. Just select the services you need and combine them into a stack.
One configuration file tells our platform how to setup your stack.

2. Go live
When you’re ready, simply run a few commands to push your application to our platform.
Done! Your app is now online.

3. Scale
If you’re expecting a surge in traffic, simply scale your application to handle the load and increase reliability. We take care of load-balancing and failover automatically – no configuration required.

4. Monitor
Using our advanced dashboard you can see exactly what is going on with your traffic, response times and memory use.


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