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Build your own eCommerce Store.
Highwire Commerce allows you to create your own online store in just minutes!


Highwire provides a clean, easy to use store admin that lets you effectively manage your products, orders and customers. The dashboard is the first page you will see when you log into your Highwire Store admin. Here you can see a snapshot of sales history, traffic statistics, out of stock products and more.

Highwire offers an affordable inventory solution that works across your store and all your channels. Product entry is extremely simple. Their intuitive interface allows you to create products easily and quickly from a single page. Upload multiple product photos and sort them with ease using drag and drop.

Manage all of your orders and customers from a single place. Send out newsletters to promote your items or to offer discounts. Keep track of your orders each step of the way. Keep a history of your closed orders for quick lookup and customer history.



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