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The best online mind mapping app currently on the market.
Because of its sleek design and simple interface, MindMeister has been positioned as the number one mind mapping tool available today.

MindMeister is built to facilitate collaboration. MindMeister has been called the number one mind mapping tool available today, mostly because of its sleek design and simple to use interface. MindMeister gives you the ability to quickly develop your own ideas and share your maps to brainstorm and collaborate with others.

But MindMap packs many more features: see a full history of changes made overtime, export to various file formats, embed maps on your website and import files and documents you want to use in your brainstorming process from services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote.

When you’re finished brainstorming you can use the iPhone and iPad apps to present your ideas right from the app on your AppleTV using AirPlay. You can create up to 3 mind maps with the free MindMeister account, so that should be enough to get you started with your startup idea.


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