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Generate realistic product shots in seconds.
Make Beautiful Product Mockups & Videos with Placeit.


Placeit creates instant product mockups. Let’s say you want to create an iPhone mockup for your new app or an iPad mockup in a work setting. You just upload a screenshot or URL of the site and they’ll generate as many device mockups as you’d like.

They have everything from iPhones to iPad to Android to MacBooks to iMacs. You name the device, they have it, and they do their best to keep their library up to date with the latest templates. Using Placeit is easy. You either need a screenshot or a URL.

If you have either, you just select a product mockup stage on the left hand side. Once you select one, you’ll see “Grab Screenshot From URL” and “Upload Image”. Once you’re mockup is done processing, you’ll see your webpage or screenshot within a finalized product mockup.


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