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Podio is the new way to communicate, organize and get work done in teams.
Podio is the online work platform. Manage, share, and get your work done smarter together with tools that work like you.


With Podio you can organize and connect everything you work with. Manage your projects, customers, you name it. Work is structured – so everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, while always keeping sight of the bigger picture.

Podio removes the three main pain-points of modern collaboration: unmanageable email traffic, unstructured documents, and inflexible, disconnected software systems. In doing so, Podio helps over 500,000 organizations run company departments and manage projects more efficiently.

Podio users create workspaces to collaborate with specific groups of people, and get their work done using Podio Apps. Anyone can build their own Podio Apps – using drag-and-drop, without a single line of code.


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