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THE free photo editor on any platform
Polarr is the most powerful photo editor in the web (and beyond).


Polarr represents the future of photography. They work at the cutting edge of tech, envisioning new tools and ways of thinking around photography. Polarr was founded by two recent Stanford students who loved art, photography and technology in August 2014. Today, Polarr acts as a thought leader in the intersection space of photography and technology. Their mission is to provide the best tools possible for individuals to express their creative vision.

The app offers an intelligence photo processing engine and a creativity assistance that coexist and co-evolve with each of the fellow Polarr users. It learns their unique anesthetic styles and performs recommendation and customized renditions of their photos in a high quality and production ready environment. Polarr offloads the work of rendering and delivering art so that everyone can spend more time shooting and sharing. The free version of their editor is super powerful and you can use it on any platform!


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