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نام Point
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Point is a simple Chrome plug-in you can use to share links with your teammates. But the great thing about Point is that you can also comment on the content from within the page you are sharing. It works really simple, using the “@” to “point” a page to someone else. When you’ve installed the plugin you create an account and start inviting or adding your teammates.

When you’ve found a site you want to share, you simply press Shift+2 and a little pop-up shows up. Here you select who you want to point the url to, hit Enter, and voilá, you just shared it! From here you can talk about the page you shared, select and share pieces of text from within the page and add a tag to the page if you’re collecting stuff within a certain category.

Point is only available on Chrome right now, but they are working on multi-browser integration (like Safari) and mobile apps (iOS).


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