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Fast, easy, collaborative hiring software.
Organize your hiring in a collaborative hiring platform. Recruitee combines four products: employer branding, job promoting, talent sourcing, and applicant tracking. Used by 400+ fast-growing companies like Hotjar, Airbrake, and Usabilla.


Recruitee aims to help you streamline your hiring efforts and stay sane while growing your talent pool.

Recruitee’s first product, an employer branding editor, helps you style and brand your site in no time to set up the right candidate experience. Showcase your company, your team, and your culture on a stunning career site – optimized for mobile and integrated with Social Media.

Next up, Recruitee helps you find the best places to promote your jobs. Learn where the best candidates come from and make data-driven decisions. Integrated with 800+ job boards, Recruitee makes sure that there’s always a right fit for your jobs.

The third product is a sourcing plugin for your browser. It helps you import passive candidates directly into your Recruitee account. Scout or forward candidates from various web sources – LinkedIn, Dribbble, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Facebook, Twitter.

The applicant tracking software allows you to focus on finding the right candidate, not on administration. An intuitive drag & drop interface of Recruitee gives you a continuous overview of all your candidates and hiring stages. Send bulk emails, @-mention your colleagues, and review candidates together.


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