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Connect. Automate. Invent.
Parse meets IFTTT, changing how software is built. Create advanced web and mobile apps in a fraction of the time with Stamplay.


Stamplay enables web developers to create advanced web and mobile apps in the cloud at a fraction of the time. It can be considered as the lego bricks of the web where everything is automated except the UI. Stamplay is transforming web development into a visual experience, reducing what used to be days/weeks of work into a few minutes.

The platform brings together powerful components and services (API) in a way you only need to define rules like “let our user sign up with Facebook, and when they do, save him as a customer on Stripe, plus send him a welcome email”. Everything is instantly deployed and hosted so that developers only have to focus on developing amazing user experiences. Startup Stash readers can get a special discount: you’ll get 6 months of free usage by entering the code “StartupStash” when you sign up for the Plus plan (valid til 30/3/2015).


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