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Making apps beter, every day.
TapeRecorder is an SDK that allows you to record what users are doing in your app.


TapeRecorder is the missing link between your users and your analytics – it’s an SDK that allows you to record what are users doing in your app. This means you will be able to track, analyze and enhance the numerous ways people use your product.

TapeRecorder is AppStore / Google play compatible and gives you the possibility to watch genuine footage of how YOUR users make use of your product. You no longer need to pay other companies for testing services, because now you can test the same thing with your own users.

Why rely on the impressions of people getting paid to test apps, when you can get unbiased data from your very own users? They’ve made sure the battery impact and the bandwidth allocation is as low as possible. TapeRecorder uses less than 1.5 Mb per minute of high-quality video.


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