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TrepScore is An Intelligent Data Management System Designed For Entrepreneurs.


TrepScore is an intelligent data management system and allows entrepreneurs to see data from all of their accounts on one simple platform. They provide the same data integration that big companies use, but at small company prices. Over time, their platform will even analyze your data and generate alerts, insights and actionable information based on your activity.

Using your data, the system handles many of the tedious tasks that waste your time and mental energy every day. They designed a package of tools that adapt to changes in your data, freeing you up to focus on more important matters. TrepScore gives you a fresh perspective on your data. See the big picture and evaluate your company like an investor.

Their easy-to-use platform helps you run your business better, and because TrepScore believes in the principle that evidence from independent, seemingly unrelated sources can “converge” to strong conclusions they also help you organize your data into one centralized location.


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