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Test a feature before you write code.
Validate demand or usability on a clickable prototype or live feature with Validately.


Validately is an online platform that enables users to user test a prototype or feature before coding it. Users are able to validate the demand and usability of clickable products, recruit product-specific testers, and analyze the results by watching user videos. Key Features:

1. Recruit.
Test on our demographically (or job title) targeted panel or on your customers (add our Javascript code to your site and recruit reviewers).

2. Record.
Validately records every mouse click, page scroll, text input box that your testers do and playback the recording at your convenience. They support their own prototyping tool, as well as InVision, Axure and HTML prototypes. It even works with live HTML sites (no messy browser plugin required).

3. Analyze.
Filter results using our funnel reports, heat maps or charts of responses to qualitative questions.


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